We are telemedicine experts, dedicated to providing the highest quality services for physicians, hospitals and other health care organizations. We work closely with doctors, nursing staff, and health care administrators to extend the care continuum, improve the patient experience, and enhance the overall quality of care. Our protocols improve medical outcomes, reduce costs by avoiding unnecessary care, and are supported by a wide body of research.

Our Mission

At iDoc Telehealth Solutions, our goal is simple: to help patients get access to medical care when they need it, regardless of geographical limitations. We use cutting-edge technology to connect patients and hospitals with our physician specialists to provide real-time consults, home monitoring, and remote services 24/7/365. iDoc Telehealth Solutions provides quality virtual health solutions to people all over the world, serving private clinics, hospitals and health care organizations.

Our Team

Our highly experienced team of uniquely qualified providers and technology specialists is creating the future of health care. Our physicians include highly skilled specialists, many of whom trained at the most prestigious medical institutions in the world. We provide patient evaluations, secondary medical opinions, acute stroke consultations, mental health assessments, daily acute inpatient care,and more. Our multidisciplinary, multispecialty team is equipped to make telemedicine work for you through a highly collaborative partnership, crafting customized services based on your existing needs and capabilities. We are passionate, caring and remarkably effective.