Telehealth Systems Development

Our Consulting Services

We analyze your needs, provide infrastructure recommendations and support your unique decision-making process. Our goal is to help you implement a telemedicine model that improves care and reduces costs according to your organization’s needs.

Your Roadmap for Success

Telemedicine is not one-size-fits-all. Startup costs can be significant, and technical and logistical challenges must be overcome. Our team of specialized personnel work in close collaboration with your organization to set up services tailored for your specific patient population. We make a thorough assessment of your organization in order to devise a custom plan. This includes the resources you already have and the resources you will need to make your telehealth program successful and cost-effective. We will develop a business plan and model to help you maximize the development of your own telemedicine solutions.

Staff Training

iDoc’s trained professionals excel in thoroughly instructing nurses, physicians and medical support personnel in telemedicine workflow. We will provide live chat support to make sure that every virtual consultation provides exactly what is needed.

Customized Technology Recommendations

Many health care organizations lack the technological expertise to provide telehealth services to their patients. iDoc will assess your facility’s existing environment in relation to your telemedicine goals to provide a roadmap for success. All iDoc technology recommendations feature end-to-end encrypted, HIPAA compliant systems that integrate as seamlessly as possible with your facility’s existing platforms.

Support for Ongoing Services

If your organization already provides virtual health care, we help identify potential pitfalls and effective improvements. We help hospitals and clinics overcome common troubles such as technical difficulties, staffing shortages and more.