Tele-Critical Care

Remote Critical Care

Leveraging cutting-edge technology, iDoc has developed a comprehensive, extensive Tele-ICU platform to provide the enhanced monitoring and quality care your patients need. Our Tele-ICU team of specially trained physicians, intensivists and critical care nurses provide 24/7 monitoring from a remote intensive support center. The remote intensive care model that we offer reduces medical costs and accelerates patient recovery, while decreasing mortality rate, according to a notable body of research.

Critical Care

The U.S. is on the verge of a critical care physician shortfall. According to The Journal of the American Medical Association, the intensivist shortage will become increasingly acute, with the supply meeting only 22 percent of the demand for services in 2020.

There are approximately 7,000 intensivists in the US and there are approximately 7,000 ICU’s in the US – not ideal for a 24/7 coverage model, leaving non-intensivists to handle critical care. There is significant evidence in publication that patient outcomes in the ICU are improved dramatically when an intensivist is involved.

For organizations who are lacking physician staffing, iDoc physicians develop and staff ICU facilities via our telemedicine platform. We collaborate in tracking the signs of early disease and recovery.

When nursing staff is not available, machine monitoring meets the patient's need for 24/7 attention.

iDoc helps organizations implement a self-sufficient ICU system. Our service can integrate with your current ICU coverage to fill in acute shortages (such as holidays or unexpected absences), maintain long-term coverage (nighttime, weekends), as well as help you achieve and/or maintain Leapfrog compliance.

An ICU bed costs approximately $2 million to build. Tele-ICU or eICU services can be a cost-effective way to provide intensive care services to a growing critically ill and complex patient population.