Technology Options

Robot Technology

Our robots are the most advanced in the industry. They can literally drive themselves to the patient’s bedside.

Mobile Carts

Our service supports a wide array of mobile carts, from basic workstation on wheels (WOW) to a much more elaborate clinical workstation (with a large array of iDoc-supported medical devices).

Hard-wired Patient Rooms

iDoc can set up a customized, virtual consult room with cameras, microphones, speakers, vital signs monitors, EEG monitors, and other equipment to suit your needs. We support numerous models and variations to provide cutting-edge remote diagnostics and consultations.

Hand-held Devices

iDoc supports tablets (Android and iOS), mobile phones (Android and iOS), etc.

System Integration

iDoc can integrate with numerous systems such as PACS, EMR and medical devices to provide a seamless experience for your organization. Our engineers can handle any integration with system applications or electronically enabled peripheral devices.

Video Conferencing

iDoc supports numerous systems such as Cisco, Web RTC, Cloud-based, and more.



  • In-patient (ICU, step-down, floor)
  • Out-patient (clinic, concierge)
  • Central console (mass monitoring from centralized location)
  • Home setting (home health care)